Waste Management

We offer innovative High Tech Waste Collection, handling and treatment services for efficient waste management. Our expertise acquired overtime enables us to find the best solution for waste management in any social context.

We improve quality of life through our systems by improving waste management cycles in existing areas or designing it in new residential/commercial areas, cities and new green cities to increase both environmental and social value. We bring a wealth of business experience to the waste management industry. We have amongst our staff some of South Africa’s leading minds on environmental and waste management subjects. This has positioned us in at a unique vantage point where we provide custom solutions for diverse needs. We have partnerships and adequate resources deployed around the country. Specialist vehicles allow for cost effective collection of compactable waste (FEL & REL), dense wastes (skips), bulk wastes (hook lift) and liquids.

Medical Waste
Industrial & Manufacturing Waste
Construction Waste
Chemical & Forensic Waste
Food & Retail
Entertainment & Events Industry

Commercial Property
Marine Waste Response
Super Sucker Services
Landfill Rehabilitation
Waste Training
Waste Transportation & Disposal