Waste Transportation & Disposal

As an organization that operates under strict codes and follows stipulations from the Minimum Requirements for the Handling and Disposal of Hazardous Waste, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, 1994, Waste Management Services we handle your waste from your site to our disposal/treatment centers safely.

All liquid, gaseous and solid waste is moved by our specialised equipment from your premises to our processing centers. The environment and your safety is one of our most primary concerns.

We have a track record in waste logistics and handling.

Skip Vehicles

Our skip container services are designed to meet the needs of different size entities. Anti-surge baffles for sludge removal, closed tops for loose waste and other special requests are available on demand. Skip containers are replaceable and useful for collection of construction site rubble, concrete, sand, ash, glass, dry wall and metal scraps.


Our compactors are configured for front, side and rear loading. They are most suitable for municipalities for compressing large volumes of dry waste effectively with massive cost savings. Large corporations, contractors and manufacturers who need massive waste disposal have this option available to them.

Tippers & Tankers

We provide tippers for transporting solid waste and tankers for bulk-transportation of liquid waste and sludge of different proportions.

Waste Treatment & Disposal

We dispose hazardous medical and industrial waste which we analyse and measure it’s chemical composition for treatment before disposal. We are committed to operating using the highest standards. We follow strict safety codes from collection points using recommended containers to handling, transportation and disposal.

Surface Cleaning

Our surface cleaning division carters for municipalities, retail, road agencies and commercial property owners. We clean large indoor and outdoor surface areas. We have machinery to clean highways, municipal roads, and large indoor surfaces. TSFM recruits individuals to clean surfaces unsuitable for machine cleaning.