Special Waste Services

Marine Waste Response

Due to the many factors that can turn marine spillages into environmental catastrophes- which include weather, quantity of spill and location- our experienced team is geared to react rapidly and capable of contain spillages of various magnitudes. Our team is well equipped with various tools to contain spillages in fresh or salt waters. Our equipment includes marine containers, utility boats, containment booms, operated diaphragms pumps and surface skimmers.

Marine Waste Response

TSFM has a 24 hour daily rapid response team ready to deal with various hazardous waste spills and discharges for diverse industries. Our experienced technicians have the skills and equipment necessary to clean up quickly and safely and limiting potential damage to humans, property and the environment. Our success formula is anchored in our ability to arrive on the scene of a spillage in the shortest time anywhere across the country and handling the spillage competently as we contain the scene. Our services include

  • 24/7 Spillage Response for solid and liquid waste of all toxicity
  • Containment and clean-up of spill
  • Site management
  • Disposal of contaminated product
  • In situ treatment of contaminated soil
  • Site remediation and monitoring
  • Assessment and reporting

Land Rehabilitation

One of the challenges South Africa faces is limited space with regards to landfill sites. Studies have shown that approximately 10% of annual waste generated is recycled.
This means 90% of waste still ends up at landfill sites. This means that there is still a high demand for innovative and sustainable ways of managing and rehabilitating landfills. It is also crucial to accelerate the conversion of waste in our landfill sites to energy.

Super Sucker Services

Our Super Sucker Vacuum Trucks are self-contained units capable of both dry and wet vacuuming operations. We are capable of handling hazardous and corrosive liquids and semisolid substances and can home it from one place to another without spillage, ensuring minimal loss of material and no environmental hazards

Waste Training

Our courses are geared to give an understanding of the principal obligations associated with the management of general, controlled and special waste.
Our training objective is to embed an understanding of the principal legislation governing waste management; applying methodology for waste identification, segregation,
classification and disposal; understanding the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the waste management chain; and identify opportunities for waste minimization.

Our training is targeted at all staff who have a responsibility for the identification, storage, transfer and disposal of waste, including:

  • Facility managers
  • Health and safety managers
  • Environmental managers
  • Process and warehouse staff