Space Planning & Interior Design

Interior Design

Using scientific tools (ergonomics, behavioural psychology, senses…) we design spaces that enhance the experience of those using them. We incorporate your brand culture and identity. We use colours, textures, contracts, access to natural light, shades of artificial light… e.t.c to help you increase productivity, attract employees and clients. We make your space somewhere everyone can productively exist for long periods.


  • Architectural drawings
  • Urban design
  • Animation & 3D
  • Building Photography
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Controls
  • Graphic Design

Space Assessment

We assist you in ascertaining the amount of space you need when looking for new premises or assist you in maximum utilisation of your current space.

We research your business, growth potential and future expansion. We also analyse the way you work. We document our findings and present them to you detailing your specific requirements.

Using the space assessment document, once you have established a new building or decided on utilising your existing space, we produce a test-fit layout. This is a plan which illustrates work stations, meeting areas, collaboration spaces, dining and refreshment areas, interface areas and other facilities required for functional office space. If client is satisfied with our proposal, we then produce a more detailed layout.


To assist you in getting the best materials at cost effective pricing and give you access to our vast database of supplies; we guide you through the procurement process. Cost effective lasting materials delivered on time are critical to meeting your budget and established time frames for project completion.

Construction Management

Our well experienced team will manage the entire project. Commencing with demolition; then construction; furniture delivery and installations; until the final cleaning and touches presenting your space ready for occupation.