Railway Material Supply & Distribution

Getting the right materials at the right price is crucial to the success of any rail construction and maintenance project and its longevity. We have an in-house sourcing team that is dedicated to fulfilling that function for projects of various magnitudes. We have, over the years, natured relationships with major suppliers across the world and through our distribution network we are capable of sourcing various material, equipment and consumables for your convenience.

We supply and distribute the following railway production and maintenance material and equipment:

  • Steel rails
  • Insulated rail joints
  • Rail fasteners
  • Fishplates
  • Weld Kit & Consumables
  • Concrete & Timber Plugins
  • Track Geometry and Measuring Equipment
  • Survey Monitoring Targets
  • Rails Lifts and Transportation Equipment
  • Hand Tools & Accessories
  • Power Tools
  • Hand Push Trach Trolleys
  • Motorised
  • Trolleys
  • Carrier and Trailers
  • Other consumables