Healthcare Waste

We assist you in reducing waste and provide sustainability for your facility, your patience, the community you operate in and the environment itself. We aid you in streamlining operations and reducing costs; some materials you are used to throwing away we recycle and reuse.

The credibility of any health facility is the protection it gives its patience and staff against hazardous materials and chemicals that without proper disposal can cause serious harm. Our goal is to retail that status to your operations.

Medical Waste Collection Services

On a scheduled basis we routinely collect medical waste from your premises. TSFM has extensive experience in managing medical waste. We place marked containers around your facility which we collect regularly. We also give you the flexibility for once off medical waste collections to suit specific needs.

Medical Waste Disposal

We provide efficient and effective packages for disposal of your medical waste. Our turnkey solutions improve the flow of processes and make sure that your waste is disposed of using best practices and industry standards that protect the environment.