Our clients can benefit from our deep knowledge of environmental preservation and internal policies that drive our operations. Working with us gives access to industry experience as we craft and create spaces that, not only achieve your desired goals, additionally enhance your infrastructure’s harmony with the environment. We create beautiful spaces which are aesthetically pleasing and improve vitality for those who use them.

Environmental Consulting Services

  • Surveys, assessments and biodiversity certification
  • Environmental management plans and policies
  • Environmental management systems
  • Ecology master plans
  • Environmental Systems
  • Ecological design

Environmental Management Services

  • Restoration and rehabilitation of natural areas
  • Erosion control
  • Sustainability plans
  • Management and extermination of alien plants

Water Management

  • Repatriation of wetlands
  • Wetland and riparian rehabilitation
  • Storm water management
  • Treatment of bio-filters constructed wetlands and ponds
  • Water wise strategies

Sports Fields

We offer construction and maintenance services for a variety of sports field configurations. Our management and maintenance services include:

  • Alien grass treatment programs
  • Application of environmentally compliant herbicides and pesticide
  • Hollow tyning and vertidraining
  • Over seeding
  • Spring treatment
  • Pitch renovation
  • Contract mowing

We are capable of servicing:

  • Golf courses
  • Athletic stadiums
  • Soccer & rugby fields
  • Hockey fields/astro
  • Netball and tennis courts
  • Bowling greens
  • Cricket pitches
  • Artificial sports pitches